Friday DJ: Theo Pluto

Date: 10 Jun 2022

Time: 15:00 SAST

Place: The Commune, 14 Reserve street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg

Theo Pluto is a multi-talented Pan African cultural activist that was born in Soweto but has strong soul ties with the Eastern Cape and identifies with it more.

He considers himself a spiritual novice, traditional adherent, visual activist, avant-garde Arts enthusiast and literature devotee. He is the founder and director of a literature and creative arts organization called Bon Fyah. He has also founded numerous creative movements such as The Markett Place Beat Exhibition, Sound Arguments, The Makeshift Spaceship and recently curated ‘Digging Through The Archives’ which is a record collecting tour around the Eastern Cape.

Theo Pluto’s approach to sonic offerings is centred around introducing people to various sounds that they would not normally be accustomed or exposed to. His musical journey as a DJ started in 2010 and has been heavily influenced by Black music that has shaped the world’s creative direction. These are genres such as Jazz, African Folk, Bossa Nova, Afrobeat, Lounge and Neo-Soul to name a few.