Friday DJ: Mama Zeph

Date: 1 Jul 2022

Time: 15:00 SAST

Place: The Commune, 14 Reserve street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg

Naledi Chai better known as Mama Zeph is a Johannesburg based DJ, multidisciplinary visual artist and researcher and is also one half of The Fly Machine Sessions. She has been a vinyl DJ for well over 7 years and is an avid collector of independent cinema and underground music where she explores a wide selection left field and cross genre sounds on vinyl. She has been running The Fly Machine Sessions alongside DJ, Hotdog Fingarz for 8 years where they have been collecting records and in recent years, Mama Zeph has helped take The Fly machine sessions on a journey across the country tracking down artists, researching and archiving South African music for future research projects. . Mama Zeph has played several events in and around Joburg including the acclaimed “Pussy Party”, “Smoking Dragon” and Low End Theory in 2016 with a long running residency at Kitcheners Carvery Bar in Johannesburg as well as OppiKoppi in 2018 alongside DJ BOB’s Jazz Club. With an extensive background in independent cinema, Mama Zeph curates her sets meticulously around methods of storytelling that are non-conventional and vastly themed. Mama Zeph has a keen curiosity toward the experimental and psychedelic sound of the 70’s in Africa and around the world, I play a wide selection of rock, punk, heavy chorale gospel, progressive rock, soul and funk and have more recently extended my sonic pallet to footwork and juke.