Featured Book: These Potatoes Look Like Humans by Mbuso Nkosi

These Potatoes Look Like Humans critiques the narrow materialist and legalistic arguments about the land question to recognise that, for most Black South Africans, the meanings of land and dispossession are linked with spirituality and being.

These Potatoes Look Like Humans offers a unique understanding of the intersection between land, labour, dispossession and violence experienced by Black South Africans from the apartheid period to the present. In this ground-breaking book, Mbuso Nkosi criticises the historical framing of this debate within narrow materialist and legalistic arguments. His assertion is that, for most Black South Africans, the meaning of land cannot be separated from one’s spiritual and ancestral connection to it, and this results in him seeing the dispossession of land in South Africa with a perspective not yet explored.

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