Dumile Feni Retrospective


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by Prince Mbusi Dube

This lavishly illustrated, full-colour book is the most comprehensive collection of Dumile Feni’s work to date and a tribute to the retrospective exhibition run by the Johannesburg Art Gallery in 2005, which toured South Africa and stems from years of thorough research. It honours the artist’s work, sketches, paintings and sculptures, and provides intimate, quirky photographs of Dumile himself, essays by great contemporary thinkers in the art world, poetry about and by him.

The work reflects five periods of Dumile’s life: Before Exile; the London Period; the USA Period; the Johannesburg Art Gallery Collection, which consists of more than 100 of Dumile’s drawings and two bronze sculptures; and the Erotica period, which conveys his intense exploration of anatomy and sexuality.

Curated and edited by Prince Mbusi Dube

With the Johannesburg Art Gallery