Featured Book: Shoot to Kill: Police and Power in South Africa by Christopher McMichael

This interview is republished from The Johannesburg Review of Books website. What today exists as South Africa cannot be understood outside of violence, whose origins require us to turn to the antiblack settler colonial capitalist and patriarchal order that produced suffering that spans across generations. The continuities of this violence not only challenge our understanding […]

Featured Book: Crossroads: I Live Where I Like

This interview was taken from Black Agenda Report This book challenges the myth that 1994 was the turning point in South Africa – because the liberation process is unfinished. “Forced removals were not considered in the famous 1994 Truth and Reconciliation Process.” In this series, we ask acclaimed authors to answer five questions about their […]

Featured Book: Children of Sugarcane by Joanne Joseph

This review was written by Niren Tolsi and originally appeared on New Frame The new novel, Children of Sugarcane, reckons with the “colonial fingerprints” on our contemporary society, while providing a nuanced view of indenture and its afterlives. Joanne Joseph isn’t as tall as she appears on television. This is the first, and most banal, impression […]

Featured Book: Red Road To Freedom by Tom Lodge

This is a lightly edited excerpt from Jeremy Cronin’s review of Tom Lodge’s book Red Road to Freedom: A History of the South African Communist Party 1921–2021 (Jacana, 2021). This review was first published in the centenary edition of African Communist (Issue 205, Second and third quarters 2021). In late July 1921 a pioneer Communist Party of South Africa, later renamed […]

In commune: Myesha Jenkins and Makhosazana Xaba

The Forge hosted the first collaboration In Commune session at the Forge Theatre in January 2020. In Commune is an intimate live platform and video series, created collaboratively by The Forge and New Frame. It brings peers with long histories of struggle, activism, political and cultural experience in conversation with each other. As they share […]

On the shelf: Mbulelo Mzamane read by Mwelela Cele

Mwelela Cele reads from ‘The Impact of Black Consciousness on Culture’ a chapter by Mbulelo Vizikhungo Mzamane in the essay anthology “Bounds of Possibility: The Legacy of Steve Biko and Black Consciousness” edited by N. Barney Pityana, Mamphela Ramphele, Malusi Mpumlwana & Lindy Wilson, (D. Phillip Publishers, 1991). Music: AnaCaptainslogue by Noir Et Blanc Vie […]

On the shelf: Darryl Accone read by Noxolo Chalale

Noxolo Chalale reads a short excerpt from ‘Chapter 1’ of the third section of “All Under Heaven: The Story of a Chinese Family in South Africa.” This trans-generational memoir in four parts (Sea, Sky, Earth and Fire) is authored by Darryl Accone (D. Philip Publishers, 2004). Music: ‘No.7 Alone With My Thoughts’ by Esther Abrami. […]

On the shelf: Sara Ahmed read by Asandele Sondiyazi

Asandele Sondiyazi reads parts from ‘A Willfulness Archive’, the introduction to Sara Ahmed’s “Willful Subjects” (Duke University Press, 2014). Music: ‘Consciousness Rabbit’ by pATCHES. On the shelf is a video series featuring excerpts from The Commune’s wide-ranging collection of books, read by the people who love them. For this title and more, visit thecommune.org.za. The […]

On the shelf: Maneo Mohale read by Lweendo Hamukoma

Lweendo Hamukoma reads Night Jasmine, a poem by Maneo Mohale found in Everything is a Deathly Flower (uHlanga Press, 2019) on page 21. Music: Dream Escape by The Tides On the shelf is a video series featuring excerpts from The Commune’s wide-ranging collection of books. The Commune is a radical, community-centred bookshop in Braamfontein, Johannesburg. […]

On the shelf: Linton Kwesi Johnson read by Fezokuhle Mthonti

Fezokuhle Mthonti reads Seasons of the Heart, a poem by Linton Kwesi Johnson found in Selected Poems (Penguin Books Ltd, 2006) on page 83. Music: Kallimachou by Dan Bodan On the shelf is a video series featuring excerpts from The Commune’s wide-ranging collection of books. For this title and more, visit thecommune.org.za. The Commune is […]